About Eagle Eye Citizen

Eagle Eye Citizen engages middle and high school students in solving and creating interactive challenges about Congress, American history, civics, and government with Library of Congress primary sources while developing civic understanding and historical thinking skills.

Created by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, Eagle Eye Citizen is a Congress, Civic Participation, and Primary Sources Project and is supported by a grant from the Library of Congress.

Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (RRCHNM)

For the past twenty years, RRCHNM has used digital media to advance humanities education, preserve and present history online, and transform scholarship. RRCHNM is a democratic, collaborative space where over fifty scholars, developers, designers, and researchers work together to advance history and civics education and digital humanities.

Each year RRCHNM’s projects receive close to 40 million visitors, and over a million people rely on its digital tools to teach, learn, and conduct research.

  • Dr. Kelly Schrum, Director of Educational Projects, Associate Professor
  • Jennifer Rosenfeld, Associate Director of Educational Projects
  • James McCartney, Senior Developer
  • Joo Ah Lee, Junior Developer
  • Sara Collini, Senior Content Developer
  • Nate Sleeter, Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist
  • Chris Preperato, Senior Multimedia Developer
  • Justin Broubalow, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Jessica Dauterive, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Stephanie Galarza, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Caroline Kelley, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Brianna Nuñez, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Teacher Advisors:

  • Stephen Barr (District of Columbia Public Schools, D.C.)
  • Patricia Carlson (Arlington Public Schools, VA)
  • Shawn English (Fairfax County Public Schools, VA)
  • Miguel Fernandez (Fairfax County Public Schools, VA)
  • Kira Jordan (Arlington Public Schools, VA)
  • Jessica Kilday (Loudoun County Public Schools, VA)
  • Katherine Lorio (Loudoun County Public Schools, VA)
  • Jon McNamara (Fairfax County Public Schools, VA)
  • Mike Palermo (Arlington Public Schools, VA)
  • J.O. Perkins (Alexandria City Public Schools, VA)
  • Patti Winch (Fairfax County Public Schools, VA)

Project Partners

National History Day (Outreach and Pilot Testing)
National History Day (NHD)is a non-profit education organization headquartered in College Park, MD. Established in 1974, NHD promotes an appreciation for historical research among middle and high school students through multiple annual programs. More than half a million students participate in the annual National History Day Contest. These research-based projects are entered into contests at the local and affiliate levels, where the top entries are invited to the National Contest at the University of Maryland at College Park. NHD provides professional development opportunities and curriculum materials for educators of all levels. For more information, visit nhd.org.

Big Yellow Taxi (Design and Interactivity Consultant)
Big Yellow Taxi is a design and production company, specializing in education and interactivity. Since 1999, they have worked with a range of organizations that serve, engage, and positively impact teachers, students, and their communities. They have a proven history of developing educational games, websites, videos, and apps for all platforms with expertise in interactivity, animation, multimedia production, and graphic design.


Please submit questions or comments to EagleEyeCHNM@gmail.com.