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With engaging resources and carefully scaffolded activities, Eagle Eye Citizen is ideal for use with a diverse range of learners. The site features engaging audio and visual sources and a “low stakes” game-like interaction with primary sources.

Special Education
  • Content - Content modification can be accomplished by having ELL students solve pre-selected challenges that make use of relatable sources. Eagle Eye Citizen features a wide variety of audio and visual sources for learners who struggle with dense text.
  • Process - Students can work as a class or in small groups to solve and create challenges. Encourage students to share their reasoning behind their choices.
  • Product - You can modify student products for students who struggle with extensive writing. Students may provide answers to reflection section orally and/or work in groups.
  • Affect - Solving challenges is low pressure way for students to practice primary source analysis and learn content.
  • A wide variety of non-text sources, images, film clips, and audio clips create an approachable environment for students who have difficulty reading. For text sources, you can read aloud to a class or small group.
  • Collaboration - Students can provide answers to reflection questions orally in small groups or as a class.
  • Alternative Assessment - Students can build competencies in Eagle Eye Citizen rather than rely on traditional assessments such as multiple-choice quizzes. See rubrics in the Assessment section for more details.
  • When solving challenges, advanced students can also analyze what factors make a high-quality challenge and then incorporate those factors when creating their own challenges.
  • In answering reflection questions, you may ask advanced students to support their responses with specific examples from the source.
  • Upon creating their challenge, students can create a presentation on why they made the choices they did and why they think theirs is an effective and original challenge.